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We Test All Areas Of Your Web site To Improve Your Rankings
We test your web site along with your competitors so you can   see how to out rank them. Detailed Report Giving You A Full List Of What Works. With our detailed report you will be able to see what is working and what's not on your web site.

Our Report Also Checks Your Web site Content.
Our web site report will check your web site content for errors, missing tags, and headers. Why Spend Hours Guessing How to Get Better Rankings With Goggle and other major search engines. With our full in depth report you can start making the right changes to your site straight away. A full web site performances report is only £49.99, however we have reduced this to only £19.99 for a limited period.

What Information Is Supplied In My Web Site Report

A global link popularity of your site, which measures how many web pages link to your web site according to the major search engines and what are the quality of those links, as well as advice for your global link popularity. Advice on the document titles, such as number of keywords and the keyword density. Our web site performance report will also determine the age of your web site according to Google and other major search engines, this is very important as many spam web sites come and go very quickly.

Keyword use, are you using the correct keywords with the correct header tags? Our report will determine if you are using the correct keywords for H1 H2 H3 H4 H5and H6 tags. Do you use social networking to improve traffic to your web site? The web site performance report will look at links from social networking sites, this is important as social networking sites can not be easily influenced.

Web site speed, our report will determine the speed of the server your web site is hosted on. Popular web sites often have a faster server response time compared to smaller unimportant sites, search engines index more pages from fast web sites. The web performance report will check IMG ALT attributes, for when the user uses a text browser. Keyword use in Meta description, the Meta description tag allows you to describe your web page to the search engines.

If you would like a free demo report or would like further information on our web site performance report, then please email us at info@infotechservices.co.uk with your contact details, and your domain name.

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