How to Remove Data

Password Recovery Service

Password Recovery Service


What do you do if you have lost the password for your Windows PC or Mac? How can you login to your Windows server without the administrators password? How can you remove a password that has been setup on your computer?.


If you find yourself in any of the positions above, help is at hand. We have the ability to unlock most Windows and Macintosh computers without loosing any of the data on your computer system, whether its Windows XP or Windows 7 Professional .



Password Unlocking

Even with multiple accounts on your Windows PC it is possible to remove or change one or all of the account passwords without the loss of any of the user data. The service is ideal for users that have purchased or inherited a computer that has been locked by a previous user.


Our password unlocking service can be carried out onsite at no additional cost, and is normally completed within an hour, making us one of the fastest and cost effective companies to use.



Our password unlocking service is one of the most competitively priced, Windows and Macintosh password unlocking starts from as little as £35, and our Windows server unlocking is as little as £60. If you would like further information on getting your PC or Windows server unlocked then please call us today on 07540 110895 or email us your questions at

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