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Infotech Services process of   recovering data   is straight forward from media submission up to data restoration. When you send your failed media to Infotech Services, we assess the extent of the damaged media at no cost to you. We will not start the   recovery process   without your consent. In order to ensure the correct format of data, strict quality process is applied during this process. Recovered data will be copied on the media of your choice and will be shipped to you.

Infotech Services can assist in data recovery no matter how the data loss occurred. Infotech Services offer data recovery for hard disk and RAID disk suffering from catastrophic situations like Accidental deletion, formatting, Hardware crash, Corrupted data, Water, moisture or due to some other liquid, Electrical surges/outages static, Electricity, Virus attack, Fire, Heat, Smoke and Equipment malfunctions vandalism.

If you have lost any of your critical data then we offer all sorts of recovery including   hard disk and RAID Recovery, e-mail recovery.

Infotech Services can also recover data that has been erased, corrupted, or destroyed on devices such as USB drives, floppy disks, CD and DVD disks.

We also offer a free collection service and we do not charge if we are unable to retrieve any data from your media, so if you need data recovery for your laptop, desktop PC, Server or mobile device then contact us today to arrange a free quotation for our data recovery service.

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