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Networks provide a link between people, information, and tools. They allow users to share resources such as data and applications, easily and efficiently. Networks make it easy for your staff to :  

Share files with other users 

Back-up data on a regular basis to a central point 

Share resources such as printers and applications servers

Access your critical applications from the office or remote locations

Utilise the Internet and communicate via email

Our network design and implementation consultancy

can help you to reduce the cost and risks to your business.  Your business is as important to us as it is to you. We will work with you until your needs are met, providing the desired infrastructure and implementation.

The benefits of a network

Improved productivity A well designed network will improve communications and response times whilst increasing internal productivity through high-speed connections to the Internet and file servers.

Reduced costs

Networks reduce the per-user costs of central resources such as application servers, printers or specialist peripherals by sharing network components.

Protected data

The information you hold on your computer systems may be your company's most important asset. A well designed network will include appropriate security measures and will centralise the data backup for your organisation, making the regular protection of data a routine task without the headache.


How Infotech Services Can Help

We take a top-down approach to network design, starting with the most important factor: your business.  Once we understand your operations and goals, we design with the present and future in mind.

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